Time to Paws

Off Leash Group Walks

Time to Paws is dedicated to giving your dogs the opportunity to socialize and learn how to play respectfully with unfamiliar dogs.

It's more than just a simple walk at the park. I make sure every dog is playing safely. They will learn to enter and exit calmly and orderly from the vehicle to the park and vise versa.

Your dogs will be picked up and dropped off at your home and will be at the off leash park for one hour. They will be gone from home anywhere between 1.5 - 3 hours depending on traffic and the other pick ups and drop offs.

$23 for first dog

$15 for each additional dog

Private On Leash Walk

If you prefer to have your dogs walked privately than no problem. Give us a call and we'll arrange a time to let them stretch their legs.

$25  for 30 minutes

$14  for each additional dog

$20 for 15 minutes

$14 for each additional dog

Backyard Pee Breaks

There are always times when you have to be away from home for the day. Even though your furry baby might be fine and dandy on his or her own they will no doubt need to go outside to relieve themselves. We can schedule a short backyard pee break for your pup so they can get some fresh air.

$16 for 15 minutes

Obedience Training

No dog is too big of a challenge. From simple obedience training to breaking aggressive issues, we're up for the task.

We believe in using a balanced training approach. Exercise and discipline are essential parts of a dog's training. Available on a one on one basis to insure we reach your goals.

$80 for 1st consult.

Additional costs will depend on the needs of your dog and will be discussed during the initial consult.